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We have several divisions to cater to all your corporate and retail needs.


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Collies Clothing

Collies Clothing was establised in 1986.

Collies Clothing supplies ranges of men's formal and casual wear to South African retailers and chain stores.

Whilst Collies Clothing manufactures garments under the house brands for some of the chain stores in South Africa, we are very proud of our own brands and by offering the right look at the right price, we have developed Carlo G into a sought after menswear brand.

Colbar Clothing

Colbar Clothing was establised in 1992 to supply the Corporate Clothing Market.

From supplying a small range of plain poplin shirts and PV trousers in the early years, we widened our product range to include the full spectrum of corporate wardrobe garments with a stronger fashion element and introduced the design and manufacture of bespoke garments for larger corporates.

As our customer base grew, so did our geographical reach and we opened offices and warehouses in Johannesbug and Cape Town.

In 1994 we started supplying uniforms to SPAR, which was and remains our largest customer within our Group. The SPAR group comprises over a thousand stores within South Africa and other countries.



Rolando initially had its roots in Collies Clothing, where it operated as a Corporate Wholesale division called ProMart.

Promart was established after we analyzed the products being supplied by other Corporate Wholesalers in South Africa. We noted that whilst these businesses were successful, the products that they were supplying were inferior to the products we were supplying into the fashion market. We felt that we could supply better quality garments, which met our fashion specifications and standards, but with workwear functionality.

After a few years we noted however that a number of our reseller customers were purchasing unbranded garments from our ProMart catalogue and bespoke garments which were being manufactured for them through Colbar Clothing using our "Rolando" brand. We therefore had a situation where our customers were buying garments from two separate entities within our Group, which became inefficient for them.

The ProMart division within Collies Clothing was closed and a new division within Colbar Clothing was formed called Colmart, which supplies apparel to Rolando, Colmart's flagship brand. Rolando is now a large wholesale business to resellers in the Corporate Market.

We also assist our resellers by designing and manufacturing bespoke garments for their larger customers.


Recognizing the need for a reliable BBBEE Corporate Clothing supplier, Hloba Clothing was established in 2006. Hloba means "put on fine clothes" in Zulu.

From small beginnings in 2006, Hloba Clothing is now one of the leading suppliers of bespoke Corporate Wear in South Africa. Hloba operates in the following markets:


Hloba has successfully completed a number of national roll outs of new corporate wardrobe for some of South Africa's largest banks.


Hloba provides bespoke uniforms to a number of large retail chains within South Africa and our neighbouring states. Some of these are part of the MassMart group which was purchased by Walmart a few years ago. Divisions of Massmart that are supplied by Hloba include Makro, Builders Warehouse and Jumbo Cash and Carry.


Hloba provides school uniforms to one of the largest private group of schools in South Africa.


We supply bespoke Corporate Wear to a number of merchandising companies.


Morewood Clothing

Morewood Clothing was created in 2015 as our Group's in-house manufacturing facility. Our own factory gives us more control over quality, lead times and production capacity. Starting with a plant of 3 lines comprising 150 workers and producing 6000 garments per week, we have expanded our capacity to 5 lines producing 13000 garments per week. We now produce 70% of our garments in our own factory with the remaining 30% being produced in specialist factories.

We are very excited about this business as it gives us the ability to have an impact on the community by helping to resurrect the clothing manufacturing industry that had largely been decimated in the Tongaat area, North of Durban. The name Morewood came from the street on which the factory stands and its logo has been influenced by the cane fields which surround the town of Tongaat.

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